HATE FORCE ONE “Wave Of Destruction”

“Wave Of Destruction”
(Bret Hard Records / SAOL / H´Art /Zebralution)
Don’t know if the band name is meant as a critique of the US or if it is just a cool name. Any which way it may be I like the name. If the music matches it we could be in for a real treat. The name alone indicates that this could be thrash in a more violent school. I really hope that is the case. Don’t know about the thrash bit but this is death metal. Perhaps not the most brutal I’ve heard but still hard enough to get me digging. There is a tech bit to this that I’m not that fond of. I would have liked to see the band go full throttle all the time and not trying to break it up with some sort of tech excursion. But that is me. Perhaps why I’m not the hugest Cryptopsy/Gorguts fan. Still a cool death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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