Hate – “Solarflesh”

Hate – “Solarflesh” (Napalm Records)

These guys go right back to the 90s alongside other Polish acts such as Behemoth and in many ways are comparable in playing the same style of blackened death: roaring vocals; nihilistic but technical riffing and hyper speed blast beat precision drumming! Given their years, or at least those of sole founding member Adam “ATF Sinner” Buszko, there’s also general metal influences in the soloing as well as a liberal use of their native Polish language in the intros, but otherwise songs like ‘Sadness Will Last Forever’, ‘Alchemy Of Blood’ and ‘Alchemy Of Blood’ are certainly up there with the best of the extreme metal genre. Quite why Hate aren’t as big as Behemoth remains unclear but despite playing in Russia, Mexico and Brazil I guess they were still a local band – however, this line up along with the support of a label like Napalm has what it takes to take on the world!

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