Hate – “Tremendum”

Hate – “Tremendum” (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Utterly decadent!!!! Although somewhat overshadowed by their younger cousins Behemoth, the time for Hate may have finally come. With lyrics like ‘…the galaxy pregnant with force at its heart warping time and space…gravitational grip in the black hole swelling the power of stars…betrayed by god of light…’ you gotta wonder if some dark force has indeed taken control of ATF Sinner and Pavulon on what must be Hate’s finest album ever. “Tremendum” (meaning eeriness and the fear of the holy) takes things to a whole new level, and while their aforementioned cousins may be artistically conceptualizing their own vision of evil, Hate have gotten a whole lot fiercer whilst elevating their own composing and musical talent to elite levels. Between these two bands, the genre of blackened death has been pushed into a new dimension, and an extremely sophisticated one at that! The 9 songs on “Tremendum” are the perfect synthesis of black and death metal, with the former style here taking up the front end and the latter powerfully backing it up. Sinner’s dark, roaring drawls present his festering contempt for religion while Pavulon’s powering pagan drums resonate technical and blast beats that could herald the coming of the dark one himself! The guitar work is simply off this planet. I used to think that nothing could hold a (black) candle to the evil riffola of Marduk, but clearly Sinner’s incantations to be blessed with the hot wax treatment (ahem) have been granted, and on the likes of ‘Indestructible Pillar‘, ‘Svarog’s Mountain‘ and ‘Numinosum‘ the moral corruption through demonic slide riffing and virtuosic soloing offers little hope of salvation. Most of all, its the incredible way that Sinner has incorporated melody into the astounding compositions that have little need for it to be presented overtly, but instead wickedly worm their way into your subconscious, thus allowing the material to take on massively epic proportions in atmosphere, conjuring up images of the world splitting, and the legions from hell and damnation spewing forth. Hate have walked the wilderness for 27 years, and now through blood, fire and death their time is at hand in “Tremendum” – awake!

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