Hatebreed – “The Divinity Of Purpose”

Hatebreed – “The Divinity Of Purpose” (Nuclear Blast)

When I co promoted these guys back in 1999 for a show, I knew they were destined to take metalcore (or crossover as it was then known) to a new level. Since then, Hatebreed have been bludgeoning and bruisin’ their way across the globe and are a regular festival favorite – their intense moshpit at last year’s Hellfest would attest to that brutality! And that’s just the way it is on this album – old school stomp core that’s right in your face brimming with unbridled HATE. Jamie Jasta’s vocals are still as aggressive and backed up by some cool Biohazard-esque gang shout outs while the chopping mugging guitars of Frank Novinec and Wayne Lozinak – complete with some cheeky Slayer licks – just crank and shank you on songs like ‘Dead Man Breathing’, ‘Nothing Scars Me’ and ‘Before The Fight Ends You’. Backed by Beattie n Byrne’s thug heavy rhythms and a big sound production, this album confirms that Hatebreed’s purpose is to set every arena afire – and they are undisputed gods at that.

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