HATEFUL “Epilogue Of Masquerade”

“Epilogue of Masquerade”
(The Spew)
HATEFUL sounds like a very aggressive name. If they turn out to play some of the most beautiful goth metal they should change that name immediately. Not that I think that there is any danger of this being anything but aggressive metal. This sounds to my ears like death metal on the less heavy side of things. Perhaps with a tad of thrash in the sound. And with some tech metal aspirations. I often find this kind of death metal a bit too quirky for me to really get into it. But if I sit down and really listen I often find myself liking it. And the same happened to this. I like what I hear. It is no new Amon Amarth album where you pretty much know what to expect and can sing along after the first listen. Try singing along to this and you end up with some pretty twisted chords. But listen to it carefully and you’ll get a grip on the groove that is going on. Like I did. Anders Ekdahl

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