HATERIAL “Twisted Verses”

“Twisted Verses”
(WormHoleDeath Records)
Haterial. Again I have no prior knowledge of this band. All I can go on is the music. This is thrash metal of the harder school. This is hard and heavy and while I might use all the clichés in the book to describe this band’s music it isn’t that bad at all. I kinda like their harder The Haunted thrash. There is a to the throat feel to it that gives it a hardcore kinda touch. But no metalcore references please. Although it would certainly be for those of you who like your metalcore on the harder side. At times it is nice to get a hands down full on thrash metal attack. This came as a nice break from all the majestic black metal that I’ve been listening to recently. A head cleanser and a good one at it too. Anders Ekdahl

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