HATESKOR “Paint My Fear”

“Paint My Fear”
(Noisehead Records)
Sometimes the best of intentions can turn out so very wrong. Take the old British band Trojan who thought they’d do a Motorhead and add dots to their O making it Tröjan, which in Swedish means sweater. That’s not a cool band name. Hateskor probably think that they’ve come up with a cool spelling of hatescore but hateskor read in Swedish can mean the shoes I hate/dislike. Again not a very cool band name. Thankfully the music doesn’t invite to any sort of hilarious interpretations. This is death metal with a melodic touch. A thing that I don’t like with this kind of death metal that Hateskor play is that there is at times too much vocals and too little instrumental parts. It has a tendency to become too compact with too many words crammed into a too short amount of time. Less is more. Apart from that the music isn’t half bad. I like that the band tries to bring something new to a genre that has seen too many bands to make it interesting. But for Hateskor to make it out they need to use their pointy elbows and take no prisoners. No more Mr Nice Guy here. Fight for your position and let nobody crowd you. If the band does that I believe that they’ll get to the forefront in no time. This is one of the better melodeath albums I’ve heard lately. Anders Ekdahl

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