HATRED EMBRACED “Suffering Of The Holy”

“Suffering Of The Holy”
That this is released on a limited edition cassette and most probably is sold out by now shouldn’t put you off looking for it. This is what tape trading back in the days was all about. You heard of a guy who had this or that hard to get demo. You sent him a tape, he duplicated the original and all of a sudden two guys had that hard to find demo. Hatred Embraced have a classic death metal sound going for them. This is death metal the way we’ve come to know from Florida or Stockholm. Murky, down-tuned guitars, a bass that thunders and drums that hammers like there is no tomorrow, which there probably isn’t. I like the idea that this is released on tape. What I don’t like is that I’m probably going to be without a copy of it. Digital downloads suck. I also like what I hear. This is the kind of death metal that I got into to begin with. Cool!! Anders Ekdahl

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