HAUNTED “Dayburner”

(Twin Earth Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Italian HAUNTED are back with their new album “Dayburner”. I really like the last album they did. It was full of heavy, doomy hardrock/metal. This new one is no exception. This is heavy, doomy and slow as hell. Just the way we like our doom. No happiness here. But that is what makes doom so good, the feeling of despair and melancholia. To me it provides a breathing hole from all the glued on happy-go-luckies of this world. There are just so much fake people you can deal with on a daily basis. It is nice to be able to let go of the bullshit and just sit down and listen to an album like this; slow, heavy and introvert. This is another fine piece of HAUNTED on record. Anders Ekdahl

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