Hawaii – “Loud, Wild and Heavy”

Hawaii – “Loud, Wild and Heavy” deluxe reissue (No Remorse Records) 

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Oh wow, if you’re a fan of Marty Friedman’s guitar work, then you gonna love these series of deluxe reissues from the man’s early career! While being famed for being in Megadeth, Friedman’s career actually began a lot earlier, going right back to the late 70s when as a teen he formed Deuce when he lived in Washington state. A high energy band whose rehearsals soon became impromptu concerts (!), Deuce played a mixture of hard rock, rock n roll and even elements of punk and pop although the intense guitar work and fast pace of their music would establish the setting for Friedman’s later work. From the rock n roll metal of ‘Devastator’ with its smashing drums and wild guitar to the raw, boppy but poppy ‘One Nation Underground’ (that would later become the title of one of Hawaii’s releases) with its screaming guitars and the melodic power metal of ‘Telemann’s 3rd’, Deuce set the blueprint whose elements that would be picked up later by many a band. Friedman split from Deuce when his family moved to Hawaii, and feeling isolated by the new beach culture decided to hook up with like minded dissidents Gary St Pierre (bass) and Jeff Graves (drums) to create the island’s most OTT musical experience in their perverse namesake band! Almost cacophonous in its frantic sound with every instrument melting with intensity, Friedman’s ultra raw guitar unleashing neo classical madness along with molten metal crescendo was ably backed by Graves hyperbolic drums and St Pierre’s screaming. I still play “One Nation Underground” to this day, and its appeal in the 80s underground was worldwide, if ironically not reflected in the band’s own island base. Later becoming a 4 piece to now include Deuce vocalist Eddie Day, the “Loud, Wild and Heavy” EP was a crucial transition from the out and out intensity of ‘One Nation Underground’ to the more commercial sound of final album “The Natives Are Restless”. Just check out different versions of ‘Escape The Night’ and you’ll know just what I’m talking about! Originally released as a 4 track EP in 1984, thanks to underground aficionado Bart Gabriel (Cirith Ungol, Pagan Altar, Hexx) and Friedman himself, has now been bolstered into an album with the addition of 2 bonus tracks, a radio ad and an interview! Remastered by Gabriel and with new extended liner notes written by Friedman, “Loud, Wild and Heavy”, while containing some commercial aspects in ‘Bad Boys Of Metal’ for the main features the intense power duelling and OTT performances on the likes of ‘Rhapsody In Black’ and ‘Loud, Wild and Heavy’ with Day screaming his lungs out like never before along the virtuoso performance of Friedman that would garner him the attention from Dave Mustaine himself. An excellent blast from the past showing what a real garage band can do to induce a volcanic eruption!

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