Headless Kross – “Volumes”


Headless Kross – “Volumes” (Black Bow Records)

My god. I dunno what goes on in Scotland but for a couple of hippy wholefoods sellers and a college lecturer this terrifying trio make one of the most fearsome noises coming out’ve Hibernia! Playing heavy – and I mean heavy – psychedelic noise doom, the album – which is only a 3 tracker – opens with the monolithic ‘Rural Juror’, a 21 minute black hole trip with trippy clanging melodies, raw primordial riffing, primeval atmospherics, heavy fuzzed toned bass and primitive plod drumming – and what a mind fucker it is! Things step up a beat on ‘Who Is This Who Is Coming’, an off the wall smasher with Tommy’s feedback drenched noise guitar competing with Derek’s shrieking vocals while Jonny starts having fits on his drum kit – for 11 minutes. Closing with the most ‘musical’ of the medley comes the 9 minute ‘Even The Destroyed Things Have Been Destroyed’, which has more doom both riff wise as well as funeral melodies and Iommi-esque warblings – but just when you think it’s all safe comes shattering white noise, more feedback and Derek’s raw screams – before it all goes finally fan dabby dozy mental. Honestly, it’s like throwing up blood! For such ordinary looking guys (admittedly with drool running outta the side of their mouths) “Volumes” literally sez what it does about the dark side of the mind, but then again, have you ever had a Glasgow kiss before?

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