HEADS FOR THE DEAD “Serpent’s Curse”

”Serpent’s Curse”
(Transcending Obscurity Records)

Battle Helm Rating

What do you get when you mix Revel In Flesh with Wombbath? I have no idea. But when you let Ralf from Revel In Flesh and Jonny from Wombbath loose in a studio you get HEADS FOR THE DEAD. This is pure fucking death metal. If you know of Ralf’s band you know that they are old school death metal. Wombbath are Swedish death metal legends. For them to totally fail with anything they put their heads to was not on the table. I don’t really like using the term old school death metal because to me it isn’t old school as I have been there all the way from the 80s to now. But it has got that cool vibe from the late 80s/early nineties that I love so much. This is one hell of an album that everybody into death metal should get their hands on. This is one that is not enough to just have in digital. You gotta buy the LP. I know that I will. Anders Ekdahl

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