Heavatar – “Opus I – All My Kingdoms”

Heavatar – “Opus I – All My Kingdoms” (Napalm Records)

The brainchild of Van Canto mastermind Stefan Schmidt, who now exchanges his ‘A Capella’ vocals for a 7 string rhythm guitar, Heavatar is modern power metal mixed with the best of the classical composers ranging from Bach to Beethoven! Epic choirs, clean vocals and most of all, cool funky classical interludes in the melodies and guitar work will have you rockin n rolling to catchy songs like ‘Abracadabra’, ‘Born To Fly’ and the ripping Manowar like ‘To The Metal’. Whilst this won’t be breaking any power metal records I’m certainly impressed by the way Schmidt has carefully weaved (not to mention impressively played) the classical elements – most of which I’ve heard even if I can’t name them lol – into the material to make this highly enjoyable especially for those of us who don’t listen to classical music. For those who are, I hope they can appreciate this an admirable effort in mixing the old with the new.

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