Heaven Asunder – “Among The Damned”


Heaven Asunder – “Among The Damned” (www.facebook.com/heavenasunder)

BRITISH. FUCKING. METAL. Formed in university this Bristol crew have been going from strength with their no nonsense, straight in your face modern metal. With plenty of rugged tempo changes in their riffing and clean meets screamo vox their music might be described as metal core, yet the solos could be Metallica and the melodies In Flames, not to mention a hint of Bullet For My Valentine! Whatever the analysis, the bottom line is that songs like ‘And Their Broken Soul’, ‘Lest We Be Scattered’ and ‘State Of Things To Come’ are mega loud, mega fast but also bloody catchy. Formed in 2009, Heaven Asunder have been touring heavily to build their fan base and gain national press coverage, so I would imagine this is a long awaited debut that will be received by many for all the strength and quality that it conveys.

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