Heavenward – “Within These Dreams”

Heavenward – “Within These Dreams” RE-ISSUE (Pure Underground Records)

F–k me – blistering heavy metal from the mid 80s! This is what it was all about kiddies: air raid siren vocals; speed of light riffing; melodies to melt an iceberg and chopping rhythms that could fell a rainforest! Germany’s Heavenward played it back in 1986 when they were compared to Liege Lord and Crimson Glory and still do judging by the remaster of their classic debut bolstered by songs from their second demo “At First Nature” and a new track “System Going Down”. Although the history of the band seems fraught with label problems and short lived re-unions, there is no doubting the talent in songs like ‘Hell On Earth’ and ‘Holding The Key’ – especially in how the band maintain their precision despite the hyper speed pace of their material! In terms of the older vs newer stuff I’d have to say there’s very little difference – which is another testimony to the band given their age – although the latter seems slightly more epic. All in all Heavenward seem like an amazing band who folded way before their time, but the good news is that at the end of 2011, after over 20 years the 4 original founding members played together at a private party and this heralded yet another reformation with the guys currently in the studio producing new songs – yay!

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