(Hed)p.e. – “Evolution”


(Hed)p.e. – “Evolution” (Pavement Entertainment)

It doesn’t get more eclectic than this – formed in 1994 by Brazilian American vocalist Jahred Gomes, (Hed)p.e. – aka Human Education Planet Earth – mix it big time with reggae, gangsta core, rapcore – man, if you can think of a term, then (Hed)p.e. probably play it sucka! More than that it’s about heaps of attitude and an uncompromising stance towards their music – unlike most bands Gomes and longtime bassist Mawk actually believe they are on a spiritually, environmentally, evolutionary and downright revolutionary mission to save the Earth’s soul. ‘…it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey we ride..’ as Gomes’s vocals amazingly shift Marley style to perfectly accompany the reggae beat on ‘Let It Burn’ whilst shifting wildly to a screaming rant on the RATM gangsta rapcore of ‘No Tomorrow’ ‘…when the walls come down, you know I wanna be there on the front line, and all you jealous muthafuckas can rest in peace..’. It’s like a goddamn riot and you are smelling the fumes of the burning streets as Gomes impassioned cries take you through the mantra of social injustice the world over as we are ‘..lost in Babylon, wasted, chasing the dragon..’. Just to calm things down a little – and to throw you yet another eclectic spin – there’s the full blown classic rock Zepp style on ‘2Many Games’ as Gomes once again impresses with his Plant like yelps and hard rockin vocals – hard to imagine with all those dreadlocks flying but all praises to Jah, he does it. With a draw on his bong, it’s back to business on ‘One More body’ – gangsta hardcore with plenty of shout outs old school Biohazard style with Jahred’s rolling groove rap smoothing over like a lo rider as he ‘…bleeds the machine..’ man. Rising to a higher purpose, “Evolution” does exactly what it sez on this incendiary tin that also holds so much soul that there is still a light for humanity. Word.

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