Held By Horses – “In History”

Held By Horses – “In History” EP (www.facebook.com/heldbyhorses)

Wow, these guys (and one plucky lass) haven’t been together for even 2 years and they’re already creating quite a stir with songs like ‘The Last Word’ (featuring Never Means Maybe’s Renz Byrne)! Although rock in their roots, Held By Horses actually have a fair amount of gallop especially in their guitar work which also blends in some very cool alternate and emo core melodies like on ‘Down And Out’, leaving the listener with something to stay in their minds. Vocalist Harriet Reynolds also has the power, but opts wisely to use it thriftily, and instead concentrate on deepening her sultry femme vocals to bring real substance to songs like ‘Little Water’, which have enough emo passion to tame a wild stallion.

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