HELL UNITED “Aura Damage”

“Aura Damage”
I have great expectations on this album. For some reason I think this will be a hell of a ride down a very extreme metal road. Hell United… taste the name. Does it not promise something great. This has to be a really rough ride for it to not be a total letdown. I will only be totally pleased if this is up there with the greatest albums in black/death metal. Everything else will be a major letdown. This reminds me of the first time I heard Brazilian Krisiun. A relentless assault on all senses. I feel the same way about Hell United. This is death metal that takes no prisoners. This is death metal that will kill you if you stand in its way. This is so bloody good that I just sit and headbang to it. This is the kind of extreme metal that everybody should be into. Anders Ekdahl

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