Hellbent & Hammered – “Death Rattle”


Hellbent & Hammered – “Death Rattle” EP (www.hellbentandhammered.com)

Monster groove metal from the melting pot of London! Hurled together in 2004 by their love of monster riff bands like Pantera, Lamb Of God and Clutch, a group of South Africans decided to form the no nonsense H&H, playing alongside the likes of Head-On, Godsized, Snakebite, Sons of Merrick, Feed the Rhino and supporting Anvil twice on the underground circuit. Despite losing members along the way H&H steamrolled forward to record their 2 track EP “Among Thieves” in 2008 before more line up changes resulting in vocalist Ryan being the sole founder member in the current line up. Still, it’s small matter given the monstrous riff orientated groove machine continues on in ultra heavy, swaggering songs like ‘Hung, Drawn & Quartered’, ‘Death Rattle’ and as Ryan hoarsely roars ‘…I was built that waaaaaaay!!!..” you know this a mean mutha of a band that live for beer, meat, rugby and wimmin. Critics might say that H&H offer little in the way of commercial appeal but frankly it’s exactly that no frills approach that I love about these guys – just a band that rock balls out with hard dirty riffing and a hammering rhythm, sending the crowd stomping and headbanging with those addictive grooves played expertly to hit you like waves of sonic ecstasy. “Death Rattle” is metal for men, played by men. 

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