HELLCRAWLER “Wastelands”

(Hollow Earth Records)
What struck me at first is how much this sounds like a lot of Swedish crust/kängpunk bands overdosing on Motorhead. This is punk metal in its finest form. This is like listening to Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Disfear and whatever other Swedish bands in the same category you can think up all mixed up into one very messy but good mash. And they are not even Swedes. There is something very primal to this kind of music that speaks volumes to the cave man inside me. This is chest beating music of the finest kind. Music you listen to when you want to vent out today’s aggressions from having to take shit from your boss. So if you like your Motorhead crossed with Swedish kängpunk then this is a little gem of a record. Anders Ekdahl

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