HELL:ON “Age Of Oblivion”

“age Of Oblivion”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Hell:On are not new to me. I reviewed their previous album and from what I remember of that one it wasn’t too shabby a metal album. Now it is up to them to prove to me that they’ve taken the whole thing one step further. Complacency is a bands worst enemy. If you don’t move forward you’ll end up being rear-ended by the newer and more hungry bands. If you like your thrash in the older school then this is the album for you to check out. You can do so when they tour Europe or you can just purchase this album. If you like a never ending riffing and almost shouty vocals you might be just as blown away by this album as I was. This was everything that I had hoped that it would be. Perhaps a bit more if truth be told. This is when old school stops being old school and just turns into good metal. Anders Ekdahl

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