HELL:ON “Re:Born”

(Total Metal/Metalism)
I like that fact that there are bands even today that think that thrash metal is cool to play. Not everybody can be trend sensitive and go with the flow. Somebody has to go against the grain. Hell:On are thrash metal the not so hip way. This is aggressive and hateful thrash metal that speaks to the internal savage in you. This is music to cut wood to. There isn’t anything refined about it. Just brute force. Well, that isn’t the whole truth. There are bits’n’pieces that act as breathers to break the compact wall of noise they present us with. Places to catch your breath before they return to the beating of you to a pulp. Listening to Hell:on is like a really hard work out at the gym. You feel tender in every loin afterwards. I kinda like that feeling after listening to Hell:On. It frees you of all negative energy you might carry with you. Anders Ekdahl

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