HELL’S DOMAIN Hell’s Domain”

“Hell’s Domain”
(Punishment 18)
The great thing with doing this is that you get to dig deeper into different countries metal acts. And with labels like Punishment 18 you get to discover acts from all over Europe that you might never had heard of otherwise. This is thrash that has a harder Anthrax edge to it. A bit like they sounded on “Spreading The Disease”, only slightly harder. And since that Anthrax album is my favourite I have no problems liking this HELL’S DOMAIN album. Throw in some Overkill and Vio-lence and other east/west coast thrashers from yonder and you get a pretty good overview of where this is heading. This is the stuff that I can listen to album for album and not get tired of anytime soon. This is the kind of thrash metal that I grew up on. That there are still band around doing this just proves that great music never dies. Anders Ekdahl

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