Hellsaw – “Trist”

Hellsaw – “Trist” (Napalm Records)

Austria’s Hellsaw bring us black metal with a difference: heaps of dark melodies and off the wall drumming that shine through a veil of darkness courtesy of some excellent clean production. So, although drawing inspiration from the black metal bands of the 90s, frontman and co founder Aries kept the more melodic tones from his first band Sanguis, as well as adopting a more spontaneous approach to their songs, thus pushing the barriers of Hellsaw’s black metal from its defined roots by drawing from ‘…the negativity that is inside each of us…’. From the driving furor of ‘A Winter Cold’ to the more gothic ‘The Forerunner Of The Apocalypse’ to the clanging metallic Dissection like death of ‘The Devil Is Calling My Name’, Hellsaw show their progressive vision, reflective of a band not worried about defining a national sound, but how many people they can reach out to across the world.

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