HELLWELL “Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin”

”Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin”
(Shadow Kingdom)
OK, I gotta admit that I’ve never bothered to check out Manilla Road although I’ve been aware of them close to 30 years now. Perhaps that’s my loss, well it is isn’t it? I can’t give you a reasonable explanation for it really. It’s just one of those things that keep happening from time to time. Hellwell is an offspring of Manilla Road, sort of. Not being at familiar with Manilla Road I have nothing to compare Hellwell to. Yet I kinda expected this to be more along the lines of Deep Purple and 70s hardrock than the heavy metal of the British 80s. I guess my expectation had to take a back seat as this was much more heavy metal than I expected. There is still a slight 70s feel/aura to it but not of the Deep Purple kind I first thought. You can also trace bits of the more epic kind of power metal and perhaps a slight thrash touch too. This turned out to be a fave. Anders Ekdahl

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