Her Chariot Awaits – “Her Chariot Awaits”

Her Chariot Awaits – “Her Chariot Awaits” (Frontiers Records)

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Featuring ex Sirenia singer Ailyn on vocals, Adrenaline Mob guitarist Mike Orlando and original Bumblefoot drummer Jeff Thal, Her Chariot Awaits is everything this band’s name suggests in being nothing short of a supergroup! This exciting new musical alliance came about through the vision of Frontiers Records, who put these artists together to create a collection of hard hitting yet melodic rock tracks on this amazing self titled debut release. Despite taking a 2 year break from the scene, Ailyn’s vocals are nothing short of excellent, with just the right touch of sultriness in some places, while elsewhere, nothing short of shredding! Written, produced & mixed by Orlando, whose axe wizardry itself is breathtaking in speed and virtuosity, the 11 songs here reflect the combined pedigree of talent on show here both in musicianship but equally, super catchy songs. Screaming in on ‘Misery’ with its fast and punchy beat offset by Ailyn’s alluring tones, the massive singalong chorus is utterly irresistible, especially thanks to that hard beat from Thal’s drumming and a deep bass equally providing plenty of headbanging opportunities before the screaming guitar solo from Orlando hits with plenty of swank and style – wow. Keeping the momentum going is the hard rocking ‘Stolen Heart’ with its chugging beat graced by Ailyn’s femme tones and plenty of shredding fretboard work from Orlando – but it’s not for show and again leads to a massively catchy chorus that will have you shaking and sliding to its soul grabbing grooves while air punching it out proudly. With a gigantic drum sound and fired up by plenty of dexterous guitar work, ‘Turning The Page’ offers a dual vocal with Orlando providing a rougher male voice to contrast Ailyn’s sultry and soprano wailings, and when combined results in another huge hitting chorus that melds heartbreaking soul with a stirring spirit – not forgetting another headbanging verse from Orlando’s fiery axe and Thal’s hammering drums – simply awesome. Truly combining fire and ice in exquisite style, prepare for the majesty of Her Chariot Awaits!

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