HERE LIES MAN ”You Will Know Nothing”

”You Will Know Nothing”
(RidingEasy Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not one for hype. I often find myself wondering what the fuzz was all about. So whenever I come upon a band that is being hyped I try to stay away from it knowing that I will not like it. But every now and then along comes a hyped band that I actually like. I have no idea how hyped HERE LIES MAN are but I know that I like what I hear. There is an art rock vibe to this, kinda like Devo but without all the electronics. This is in its basis rock but it doesn’t sound like anything I have heard lately. Yet there is a really cool vibe to this, a groove that makes for some interesting listen. Perhaps not the party album I’m playing on midsummer eve but one that I will play when I’m in the mood for some swinging cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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