HERESIARCH ”Death Ordinance”

”Death Ordinance”
(Dark Descent Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever heard this band before but I am stoked to get to hear this album. I really believe that this is gonna be one hell of a death metal ride. Perhaps this week’s high light. I really hope that I will sit there with my jaw by my knees, and for the right reasons. This does sure start on a heavy note. I kinda expected this to be a full on blast of high intensity death metal but this is much more like a tank than a high velocity riffle. But hell, it is good. I feel pummeled just from the first track. And it just keeps accelerating. When I thought it couldn’t get any more intense they up the ante and try to blow my head off with even more intense death metal assault. This is controlled chaos. And in that manner they remind me of Incantation, in that if you listen to it without full concentration this is just gonna sound like white noise. You gotta “grotta ner dig” to fully get into the groove. You know where you’ll find me. Anders Ekdahl

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