HERESIARCH “Hammers Of Intransigence”

“Hammers Of Intransigence”
(Dark Descent)
Lately I’ve had an epiphany concerning New Zealand metal. It’s not all sheep and more sheep down under. There are some pretty cool metal bands too. Heresiarch is one of these. This is black metal the chaotic way. No big symphonic arrangements. No female song birds, No melodic guitar solos. Just simple, straight forward black metal. This gives primitive a whole new meaning. Or maybe not. It’s not like Heresiarch are inventing the wheel again. This has been done before but I’m a sucker for this primitive black metal approach. It brings back memories of a time when everything seemed so much easier. Sure, this isn’t for everybody as it takes some getting used to, to fully enjoy it but once accustomed to it you’ll find joy in listening to “Hammers Of Intransigence”. I know I did. Anders Ekdahl

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