HERETIC “Angelcunts And Devilcocks”

“Angelcunts And Devilcocks”
(Soul Seller)
I know that it can get confusing when there are several bands using the same name, especially when the bands are active at the same time. This HERETIC I had no idea existed until I got sent this, their new album. Not having heard anything by this band before might work in favour for me. I never really got the whole death’n’roll that happened a couple of years back. To my ears most of it was just crap. I never really got Swedish Gehennah either when they appeared on the scene. But this I kinda get. I get the whole Venom/early black metal vibe that this album has. There is a simplicity to it that is rather charming and very poisonous. You might start with a negative vibe but the more you listen to it the more sucked in your get. Anders Ekdahl

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