HERETIC “A Time Of Crisis”

”A Time Of Crisis”
(Metal On Metal)
I can’t seem to remember Heretic from back in the 80s when they were signed to Metal Blade yet I feel that the name is so familiar that I must have heard of them back then. It wasn’t as easy as it is today to get records from the States back in the 80s. You had no internet, Paypal wasn’t heard of. All you had to rely on was the post and that your well hidden money arrived at its destination. In 2012 you’ll be happy if the stuff isn’t up on-line before the albums out in the shops. Heretic are thrash metal the same way that Holy Terror, Testament and a handful of bands from around LA and San Francisco sounded like in the 80s. Melodic without being wimpy, aggressive without being testosterone filled. Just plain great thrash metal that still sound as great today as it did back then. A testament as good as any to what great music can do for your soul. Anders Ekdahl

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