”Walk The Time”
I don’t think I can get too much of female fronted metal bands. Ever since the first day that I got into metal in 1982 I’ve always been at the forefront of female fronted metal band. So whenever a record comes along my way that has a woman fronting I’m like a kid at Christmas. Progressive goth metal is not something that I come upon all too often but I’ll listen to this the same way I listen to everything else; with open ears. It doesn’t matter what you call your music as long as it is good. I’m the first one to admit that I’m at loss if there isn’t a genre to hang it on but what is much more important is that the music is well worth spending your time on. This was another one that I had no greater expectations on but it proved well worth the time spent on it. if you like your metal goth and female fronted you could do worse than checking this one out. Anders Ekdahl

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