Herman Frank – “Two For A Lie”

Herman Frank – “Two For A Lie” (AFM Records)
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Famed for being Accept’s guitarist on albums like “Balls To The Wall”, “Blood Of The Nations”, “Stalingrad” and “Blind Rage”, Herman Frank has also played in Victory, Sinner and Panzer along with his work as a producer and engineer for bands like Saxon, Rose Tattoo and Molly Hatchet! “Two For A Lie” is his 5th solo record that sees him collaborating once again with vocalist Rick Altzi (Masterplan) and bassist Michael Müller, while recruiting the new blood of Michael Pesin (Victory, Magistarium, Thomsen) on guitars and drummer Kevin Kott (Freedom Call, Masterplan, Pantaleon, At Vance, Heaven’s Trail and Almanac). Bringing all his skills, experience and flair to bear on this release, expect nothing less than a top-notch production delivered to perfection – and that’s pretty much what you get on the 10 excellent tracks of speed metal, heavy metal and hard rock performed at their best. Right from the heavy twin guitar sound bringing back the chainsaw glory days of Accept, Rick Altzi brings an exciting dimension to his vocal power in being able to also roll in an abundance of rock god soul to complement a bountiful amount of power melodies and wailing solos from the smouldering guitars to match Kott’s double bass drumming – be it at a slow pistoning beat or fast as a shark blistering pace! Indeed, as the beat thunders in on ‘Eye Of The Storm’, the twin guitars chunder away and wail in the melodies as Altzi soars and roars to the singalong chorus backed by the chanting band in classic Accept style – excellent. Slowing it down but getting even heavier on ‘Liar’ the thick riffs are full of hard rock swagger as they lead into the ultra-catchy chorus oozing style and passion as Altzi croons and bears his soul to reach your heart amid more clanging melodies that ram this hit of a song home. Hitting the gas on the double bass pedals again on ‘Hail The New Kings’, spiralling melodies collude with Altzi’s epic power to bring a majestic feel with a power metal touch as the song races off amid twin guitar solos and plenty of lead breaks in an emotional intensity brought home by another singalong chorus. As I said, an elite level release that doesn’t disappoint whatsoever as Herman Frank keeps his legacy alive through this burning for leather record!
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