HERON “A Low Winter’s Sun”

“A Low Winter’s Sun”
(Sludgelord Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have no idea when sludge became the thing or where it really comes from but I do suspect that bands like Crowbar and EyeHateGod and some really cool British band like little known Black Sabbath might have had a finger in the cookie dough. Add doom and hardcore and you got sludge. This is my personal opinion. Not the official definition. But no matter where it originates from I like what I hear. Canadian HERON are my latest sludge discovery. This is as heavy, doomy and slow as you might expect from sludge. This is the full length album after two Eps. Two releases that I have no heard but judging from this album I have to check out. Because this is some serious sludge/doom metal. Anders Ekdahl

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