Hevidence – “Nobody’s Fault”

Hevidence – “Nobody’s Fault” (Frontiers Music)

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The brainchild of Italian guitar virtuoso Diego Reali, famed for his 10 year career in Italian prog power metal band DGM, Hevidence takes us right back to his roots of neo classical metal, hard rock and power metal! With time after spent in the musical wilderness of blues, indie, country, pop & rock to exorcise his creative demons, Hevidence shows a more mature and personal vision, based on the searing but highly dexterous guitar virtuosity of Reali – and man, it really works a treat! Listening to the 11 tracks, its clear that besides being renowned as a guitarist, Reali is also great song writer and having recruited a solid band in vocalist Corrado Quoiani, Andrea Arcangeli (DGM, Noveria, Solisia) on bass and drummer Emiliano Bonini, Hevidence are a solid band well beyond a musical platform! The material is a mixture of neo classical Yngwie Malmsteen influenced metal, power metal with heavy Riot leanings and funky ass Glenn Hughes type rock, not to mention hints of some of those aforementioned stylistic demons, but all consistently featuring Reali’s fantastic fretboard work, either prominent or more laid back in the mix, and all being bloody catchy throughout! Whilst I enjoyed the sheer variety of offerings here from the blistering neo classical opener of ‘Dig In The Night’ (complete with its out of this world solo!) to the AOR splendor of ‘Nobody’ Fault’, not to mention the charged modern rock of ‘Overdrive’, it was the (old school) power rock / metal of ‘Ave Maria’ which showcased Quoiani’s high n soulful vocals to great effect and in particular ‘Miracle’ with its racing passionate energy that really did it for me. I have to admit that prior to this, I didn’t realize the true talents Diego Reali, but thanks to Hevidence, that’s all completely changed for the better.

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