HEX A D “Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden”

“Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden”
(Fresh Ta Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I was pretty shuffed when this one appeared in my mail-box. I had seen the emails for it and really wanted to hear it. I have no recollection if I contacted the band or if they just sent it to me outta the blue, but anyway, here it is for me to enjoy. This Norwegian band has art-work that makes me think Cathedral. I doubt that it is gonna be as heavy as that, but I somehow wish for it to be heavy and groovy. And I wasn’t wrong. This is heavy in that good old 70s vein. For some reason I also get a king Diamond vibe to this. Imagine a Ghost that has overdosed on 70s groovy hardrock and with a weird King Diamond and you still have no clue what this sounds like. All I know is that it grooves like hell and that I like it a lot. This one is a true gem of an album. Anders Ekdahl

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