HEX “Hex”

HEX is yet another Swedish band that has passed right by me. I’m close to even remotely try to keep track of all the Swedish bands that are out there. From now on I’ll just accept that there are more bands that I ever will be able to keep track of. I get a sort of Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson/Rammstein/Deathstar kinda vibe from this album. There is an air of electronic about this album. Perhaps this will be huge on the German club scene. Perhaps I’m just rambling. Whatever the truth is there is no denying that this is heavy in that Rammstein way. And since I like Rammstein a lot I have no problem swinging my neck to this. And as I listen to this I can’t help thinking of Danzig cicrca mid-career when he turned from rootsy rock/metal to something more electronic. When so many of my favourites come popping up I have but to like this album. Anders Ekdahl

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