HeXen – “Being And Nothingness”

HeXen – “Being And Nothingness” (Pulverised Records)

Wow, HeXen have been goin since the turn of the century and take off where thrash metal arguably left by introducing huge amounts of progressive melodies into their toons that will either send you nuts or turn you into a true believer! Glass in throat vocals, Hartoonian’s rumbling bass and chopping Kreator-esque thrash rhythms on songs like ‘Defcon Rising’, ‘Indefinite Archetype’ and ‘Walk As Many, Stand As One’ stand shoulder to shoulder with Ronny Dorian and Tak Arayan’s classically influenced soloing and prominent melodies, all in all adding an interesting new dimension that sees “Being And Nothingness” leaping the abyss and bravely pushing out the boundaries of this well defined style in good taste.

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