HEXX ”Wrath Of The Reaper”

”Wrath Of The Reaper”
(High Roller)

Battle Helm Rating

HEXX feels like a band of a thousand lives. They started out in the 80s with a couple of albums that was more heavy metal. Then they came back in the 90s with a raw thrash sound that could cut paper. I liked them in the 80s and I liked them in the 90s and I like them in the 10s. This new album is a thrash stonker. Perhaps not as brutal as some of the 90s stuff but still thrash enough to roll with the best. There seems to be some sort of second wave of thrash revival going on and boy do I like it. The big four have to excuse me but this is what thrash is to me. And listening to this is just a pure unadulterated pleasure for me. Anders Ekdahl

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