Hibria – “Silent Revenge”

Hibria – “Silent Revenge” (AFM Records)

Hibria are a melodic power metal band who by all accounts are huge in their native Brazil having supported Ozzy and Maiden there! Beyond that they have made forays into Central Europe, Japan and even China which clearly shows the ambition and capability of this five piece, who despite being formed in 1996, chose to delay their debut by almost a decade until they had the right material. Well, it was worth the wait as the musicianship is definitely in the upper echelon on songs like ‘Shall I Keep On Burning’, ‘The Scream Of An Angel’ and ‘The Way It Is’. Vocalist Luri Sanson has one of these born-to-rock larynxes that hits the highs, reaches into your heart and yet is also sassy enough to get you off your lazy ass! Likewise the rest of the band are equally confident to kick up the tempo or mellow it out in unison to Luri with heaps of technical drumming, dueling guitars and soulful melodies. Mixing elements of Maiden with Dream Theatre and modern power metal, it’s easy to see why Hibria are big crowd pleasers as their material has almost been written for the live circuit where they have been shown to excel time and again.

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