High Fighter – “The Goat Ritual”

high fighter

High Fighter – “The Goat Ritual” EP (www.facebook.com/HighFighter)

Born out’ve bands like a A Million Miles, Buffalo Hump and Pyogenesis, the unassumingly named High Fighter pack a huge punch that could fell a bison! Heavy fuzzed guitars and a pounding rhythm take the band’s stoner base into heavy hitting rock / metal thanks to the up tempo groove on songs like ‘Breaking Goat Mountains’, ‘Fire In The Sun’ and the heavy as shit ‘Black Waters’. And then come Mona Miluski’s vocals and goddamn, it’s like the roof got taken off!!! To say this lady’s vocals are versatile are something of an understatement from her deep, she bear growling to gargling glass hardcore screamo although for me personally it’s her burlesque blues soul style that really takes the material into the classy realms of Alter Bridge, Life Of Agony or even the mighty Danzig. Dark, brooding and electrifyingly heavy, High Fighter are the underground supergroup currently raising the rafters in Hamburg and on the strength of this EP, the sky’s not even their limit!

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