High Priest Of Saturn – “High Priest Of Saturn”

High Priest Of Saturn – “High Priest Of Saturn” (Svart Records)

From out of the icy wastelands of northern Norway come Trondheim’s High Priest Of Saturn, who play heavy psychedelic rock. Besides the expected plodding doom pace, down tuned distorted guitars and creepy organs, it’s Merethe Heggset’s haunting, eerie vocals that make High Priest Of Saturn a surreal experience on songs like ‘Kraken Mare’, ‘Protean Towers’ and ‘Crawling King Snake’, all of which clock in over the to mega therion 10 minute mark. It’s like you’ve died and gone to 70s heaven, complete with fuzzy production n flares that make them comparable to SF’s Acid King. Either way it’s one helluva trip man.

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