HIGH RISK ”Dawn At The Alamo”

”Dawn At The Alamo”
(Arkeyn Steel Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Once again Arkeyn Steel Records has dug into the untapped vault of American heavy metal in releasing this compilation of HIGH RISK’s recorded works. Formed in 1985 and recorded two demos in 1987 and 1989/90 they never really made any noise for themselves on a bigger scale. Well, not on my scale anyway. This is pretty late 80s in sound. You get the high pitched vocals and the somewhat technical performance. In a way they remind me of a less thrashy Flotsam and Jetsam. But it is in that region of metal where you find them. In that cross section between thrash, power and heavy metal. I would not have liked it back in the 80s simply because back then it would have been to light for me. Today is a whole different ball game. Today I find this rather enjoyable. There is a nostalgic feel to it but most of all it is some cool metal. Anders Ekdahl

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