HIGHLORD “The Warning After”

“The Warning After”
(Punishment 18)
HIGHLORD sounds like a typical power/symphonic metal name. And I could do with some really great power metal right about now. I’ve had my share of punches to the head for a while now and need to rest my head on something really melodic and soothing. I don’t know what it is with Italians and symphonic metal but they seem to be experts on this kind of metal. HIGHLORD seem no exception to that rule. This is symphonic in an early Rhapsody kind of way (while not sounding like Rhapsody in any ways). When it comes to this kind of metal I like for it to be so much larger than life itself. I have no problems with it being pompous and grandiose. I almost demand for it to be that way. HIGHLORD might not be all out pompous and grandiose. They have hit the brakes before they crashed into that wall but this is still big and grand enough for me to enjoy it. Anders Ekdahl

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