HIM – “Two Decades Of Love Metal”

HIM – “Two Decades Of Love Metal” (Sony Music)

It’s been a while since I heard the ‘love metal’ of these Finns. Formed in the 90s when ‘alternative’ was big, they abbreviated their name from His Infernal Majesty to the somewhat more camp, if apt, HIM. Bathed in soothing melodies from Ville Valo’s crooning vocals, to luvvy duvvy harmonies and ‘Burton’ Puurtinen’s wonderland keyboards the only hint of any hardness comes from Lindstrom’s guitars and Kaasu’s drums – if not I’d be seriously classifying some of this stuff as AOR. Still, there’s an undoubted market for HIM as they are the most commercially successful Finnish rock band of all time! “Two Decades Of Love Metal” is the band’s first compilation spanning their entire career and includes one new track in ‘Strange World’ as well as old faves like more rocking ‘The Kiss Of Dawn’ and pseudo goth ‘When Love And Death Embrace’. Pass the chocolates baby…

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