HIMORA “Argue All You Want”

“Argue All You Want”
(Drugstore Records)
Norwegian hardrock is to me synonymous with TNT. I remember that first album they did in Norwegian. I even have a copy of it. Himora is a Norwegian hard rock (hardrock?) band that is new to me. I like discovering new music no matter what genre it might me. So it is with a certain excitement that I take on this album. Will it be as good as I hope for? Well, as long as it is in the line of Journey, Foreigner and not Nickelback I’ll be pleased. For some reason my ears hurt whenever I hear Nickelback on the radio. The opposite happens whenever Foreigner of Journey are played on the radio. Toto or Survivor are passable too. Himora fits like a glove in that category of AOR/soft hardrock that the Americans do so well. This is classic hardrock with lots of melodies and with a slight touch of the blues. Cool stuff all the way through. Anders Ekdahl

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