(Xtreem Music)
Hands up all those of you who hasn’t seen the movie “Cannibal Holocaust”. Oh so many. Shame on you for calling yourself death metal fans. Released in the 80s this movie was a part of what could be called a cannibal wave. Known for its explicable nature it kinda pales in comparison with movies of today like SAW. But back in the 80s this was some of the most extreme you could find on VHS (yeah it’s that old). I kinda hope Portuguese Holocausto Canibal are equally extreme. It didn’t start too promising but boy did it improve. Already by track two it had me in its grip. This is death metal that has nothing with either Gothenburg or Florida to do. This is more like New York in the 90s. This is heavy and fast stuff that only brings joy to those of us with an affinity towards the good old times. Anders Ekdahl

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