HOLOCAUSTO “War Metal Massacre”

“War Metal Massacre”
(Nuclear War Now Prosductions)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a classic Brazilian band. If you were here in the 80s you’ll probably remember them. If not, now is your chance to discover them. This is old school the right way. You gotta remember that this was before there was a hell of a lot of sub-genres to keep track of. You either liked heavy metal or you liked extreme metal. This is the band’s sixth album since they started in the 80s. Like most Brazilian metal pre and post Sepultura they are mostly for the diehard of us metalheads but if you like you metal played in a non bullshit way you should lend your ears to this. With an attitude as much punk as metal HOLOCAUSTO assault your senses with primitive yet effective metal. This sounds like it could have been the sophomore album and not the sixth. It is just like being there in the 80s. And I love it today as much as I love it back then. Anders Ekdahl

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