Holy Dragons – “Zerstörer”

Holy Dragons – “Zerstörer” (Pitch Black Records)

Holy metal from Kazakhstan! This is probably the first band from this Central Asian country I’ve heard although I question just how Kazakhi they are as most of the band have European names? Musically the band are heavy / power metal, especially in the German sense with epic choruses and strong Maiden guitar melodies along with a galloping rhythm on songs like ‘Doomsday Angels’, ‘Cuband Crisis Insomnia’ and ‘NORAD Alert’ – holy crap guys, the cold war is over lol! Vocalist Ian Breeg even sounds like he’s having his own meltdown as he tries to out scream Bob Halford or James Rivera, and given how loud he is they could probably mistake him for a nuke heading to the US. Aimed decidedly for the ‘true’ metal market, “Zerstörer” is far from grade A but given the challenges of being a metal band in Kazakhstan, it’s a commendable effort nevertheless and certainly better than Borat lol!

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