(Music By Mail)
I don’t know if the band name is any kind of indication as to what awaits us once the music starts spinning. Maybe the wrath of God will come upon us sinners for not repenting our sins. If that is the case then I’m ready for it. I don’t fear anything thrown at me. Just bring it on; I’m strong enough to take it. Not that I had anything to fear from Holy Force. This is heavy/power metal the way we’ve heard countless times before. Neither better nor worse, just good enough to stand out. This is music that I’d listen to in my car. Up-tempo, melodic and with good guitar solos. The stuff to kill the boredom of the roads. Time flies in the company of Holy Force. And if that isn’t a selling argument then I don’t know what will sell this record. That it works in the comfort of my home is an added bonus. Anders Ekdahl

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